Pioneer Whole-House Lead, Cyst and PFOA/PFOS Removal System

PIONEER™ is specifically designed at a 0.5-micron nominal filtration level, to remove both particulate and soluble lead from your drinking water. Soluble lead is invisible, odorless, tasteless, and needs to be chemically removed from water. Particulate lead is like a tiny grain of sand that needs to be physically removed from water. The PIONEER™ POE filter is strategically designed to remove BOTH forms of lead contamination from the whole house in a single filter.

Soluble/Ionic lead: PIONEER™ binders are designed to chemically react with soluble lead to create an ionic bond, kinetically removing lead from the water. Ionic bonding is a chemical bond that involves the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions, and is the primary interaction occurring in ionic compounds. Ionic bonds form when a nonmetal (binder/adsorbent) and a metal (lead) exchange electrons, as they do in PIONEER™.

Particulate lead: PIONEER™ filter is specifically engineered to physically remove and filter lead particles from water which is often found as a result of corroded lead pipes.

Easy to Understand LED Replacement Notifications - The Real-time Dynamic LED System monitors water and flow rate and provides a visual color-coded notification to the homeowner, letting them know when to replace their filter. GREEN - Filter Good, YELLOW - Change Soon 10% Filter Life Remaining, RED - Change Now

This system has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 53 for reduction of lead and cyst. The concentration of lead in water entering the system (0.15mg/L +/- 10%) was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to permissible limit (0.010 mg/L) for water leaving the system, as specified in NSF/ANSI 53.

System includes Bypass Kit (CT-BYPASSKIT). Order the Pioneer Lead Cartridge Separately. (CT-05-CB-AMCYL).