Salt-free Media (FilterSorb SP3)

FILTERSORB® SP3 is the result of deep research work along with its undisputable success in the market worldwide. Watch-Water® is the embodiment of new technology called Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC). The transformation of Calcium and Magnesium hardness into non-soluble micro-crystals are the fundamentals of this unique product.

In addition, the formed crystals provide essential minerals to the water and making it the healthiest water available. Above all, FILTERSORB® SP3 doesn’t add up any sodium in the water like conventional softeners.

The core motivation for developing FILTERSORB® SP3 was to find a true replacement for the conventional sodium-based water softeners, ion-exchange resins or other chemicals, that are either partially functional or functions at the cost of the environment and health.

Similarly, the increased sodium content in water or decreased pH factor (making the water acidic); directly influences the health problems, environmental damage and damage to the systems that are vulnerable to chemical corrosion due to sodium.

The recent restrictions upon many softeners eventually lead to an environmentally friendly, cost-effectiveness and true option solution for water softening.

FilterSorb Specifications
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