KDF CanPro Mediaguard

The CanPro MediaGuard Cartridge System provides for high-performance filtration in water softeners or carbon systems. Utilize KDF-55 in the CanPro MediaGuard System for reduction of chlorine and heavy metals.

For reduction of hydrogen sulfide and/or iron-laden water, use KDF-85 in the cartridge system.

As a rule-of-thumb, choose KDF-55 for city water applications and KDF-85 for well water applications.

The complete Canpro MediaGuard System includes:

  • KDF 55 or KDF 85 installed in a 4-cartridge system
  • CanPro adapter
  • System dimensions are 2-1/4" diameter; 24" in length

(Fleck 9000 Twin Tank Softeners require (2) 4-cartridge systems).