3/4" Fleck Control Valves

  • When ordering a Fleck Control Valve, it is necessary for us to know the Height and Diameter of the tank the valve will be installed on. We will set the Fleck valve up to operate properly based on the size of the tank YOU specify on the order during checkout.
  • Please measure your tank while it is setting upright from the floor to the top of the tank, not including the valve, if present. Next, measure the diameter of the tank, near the top widest portion.
  • If your height or diameter measurement is not found in our drop down selections after 'adding to cart', simply pick the next larger size. Please use the 'Special Instructions' message box during checkout to supply us with further details.
  • All new 3/4" valves (excluding the 1500 model) come standard with a 3/4" Noryl Yoke for connection to your water supply. Optional water supply connections include a 1" Noryl Yoke, 3/4" or 1" brass yokes and 3/4" or 1" stainless steel bypass valves. All are available for an additional charge during checkout.