Manganese Greensand Filter Systems


All Backwashing Manganese Greensand Filter systems have the following components:
  • Specified Fleck control valve with 1600 or 1700 time brining
  • PVC injectors
  • Environmental backplates and covers
  • Specified tank size with basket distributor
  • Specified amount of Manganese GreensandPlus media
  • Gravel bed
  • Commercial 18"x33" Potassium Permanganate tank
  • The Installer of any of our commercial / industrial systems, is completely responsible for insuring that all parts of the unit, required to successfully assemble and install the system, are received with the order, and that all parts are installed per typical installation procedures for that unit.
  • If there is a shortage of any part needed for successful assembly of the unit, the installer should contact Ohio Pure Water Company immediately so the missing part can be located and sent out, for complete and proper assembly of the unit.
  • In addition, we assume no responsibility for the assembly and installation of these commercial systems, as the Installer of the unit is completely responsible, and should have the proper qualifications and knowledge to assemble, install and program the units, for proper operation.
  • A Fleck Service Manual is supplied with all orders, which fully explains the programming and operation of the Fleck valve and system.
  • If the installer is not clear on the programming or operation of the valve or system, and requires a more detailed explanation, we suggest the installer contact a local water treatment vendor, to arrange for an onsite visit, who can explain the programming and operation of their system, once the installation is complete. Any charges incurred for this onsite visit, will be the complete responsibility of the person making the appointment for this visit.