Fleck 5810SXT 1" Electronic Meter

The following components are included with our Water Softeners listed below:
(unless otherwise specified)
  • Available in both Upflow & Downflow Brining Configurations
  • Specified size standard or optional Vortech resin tank
    • 32mm riser tube on standard tanks or 1.05" riser tube on Vortech tanks
    • Top distributor basket
    • Specified amount of resin (with optional Purolite C100E or Purolite SST-60 resins available)
  • Fleck 5810SXT 1" Electronic Meter On Demand Control valve with your choice of one of the following Fleck valve connections:
    • 1" NPT PVC
    • 1-1/4" NPT PVC
    • 1-1/4" Brass Sweat
    • Bypass Valve included
  • Brine Tanks:
    • 15" x 17" x 36" Rectangular or 18" x 33" Round
    • 11" x 11" x 38" Square is available for softeners less than 48,000 capacity
    • Salt grid
    • Safety Float assembly with Brine Tank safety overflow elbow
    • 4' of 3/8" Fleck valve-to-brine tank poly tubing
  • These items are not included with our Water Softeners listed below:
    • Plumbing pipe and fittings to and from the water softener
    • 1/2" inside diameter drain line that runs from the water softener to your house drain
    • Softener salt that would be purchased locally

Fleck 5810 High Performance Flexible 1" Control Valve Specifications